Head teacher  &   class teacher 

1981 -  2014


Mrs. A.K.Pirounaki is a graduated teacher from the University of Thessalonica - Pedagogical Department, specialized in young pupils training.  She got additional training on ICT in 1993 (80 hours), in 1996 (40 hours) and in 2002 (43 hours) by the Greek Ministry of Education.

She paid study visits in many primary schools, experiencing that way from close various educational systems in Europe as well in several research institutions, like those in Edinburgh – Scotland, the Mon Language Institute in Cork – Ireland, and the Centre of ICT for pupils in Copenhagen – Denmark. 

Since 1996 she has been collaborating as an external partner concerning the ICT in the classroom with 3 Universities: Vrije Universiteit Brussels, the Pedagogical Department of Rhodes Aegean University, and the  Pedagogical Dept. for Primary School Teachers of Patras.  In 1996, she was invited to speak about the creative and innovative use of ICT in the classroom, in a congress of CESES – Como, Italy, and in a second one organized by the municipal Desensano del Garda, Italy.

 In  1998, she was invited in three similar congresses about ICT in Rhodes, in Athens, and in Patras respectively. In 2000, she was teachers’ ICT trainer, showing up the pedagogical dimension of the ICT usage in the primary school.  She is a founding member  since 2002  of the Net for Children’s Rights - Greek branch.

From 1994 until today, Mrs. A.K.Pirounaki has joined 4 Comenius projects – one as  a coordinator - and  7 e-twinning programs  successfully, receiving the European Quality Label every single year, two times the 1st  e-twinning National prize in the category of 5-12 years old – in 2006 and 2009, the 2nd European Prize 2011 for ACT IN ART,  an  European prize for P.A.L.E  and the National Language Label 2012

Knowing very well that the key for the right use of the ICT is mainly a Safe learning environment for the pupils, she got two first prizes, one from ACSIA, Alfa Children’s Safety on the Internet Award at the  category  of  innovation  and use  of   ICT   in   the  classroom in 2006, and  a second one at  SAFERINTERNET DAY 2008, being also a runner up   on a European level  with her pupils work: “OPTIONS”.

Believing on the power of the picture and the dissemination of good practices, she collaborated in 2008 with Dr. Veronica Samara, coordinator of,  and the Greek National Channel: ERT,  for the production of a TV spot  with young children  —  subs in 17 languages  — concerning the safety on the Internet.

Furthermore, since 2009,  she is a member of the Greek Safer Internet Awareness Centre’s Advisory Board, providing her experience and view in the educational field, especially concerning pre-primary  education. She  joined the 1rst Teacher’s Panel  at the Safer Internet Forum 2009  in Luxembourg  and  the INSAFE  training  meeting  as  a  speaker on  ‘Teaching on-line safety’ in Reykjavik.

In  2010, she was invited to join by Janice Richardson leader of the European Schoolnet  Advisory Group in  Brussels to help design an activity bookfor kids 5-8 years old.

In 2012  she joined  the annual INSAFE conference in Larnaca  and  she receives  the 1rst prize    with the video ’Discover the Digital World together Safely’

Here her presentation in the SID 2013 in  Athens. 

2014: the  kindergarten of Kaparelli  got  the  Silver eSafety  Label  valid until  09/2015

1981 -  2014  she worked  at the Kindergarten of Kaparelli, with a special focus on the SAFE - ICT use in the classroom.

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